Is everything you make natural?

Yes, we use only the finest natural and organic ingredients. 

Do you use animal fats in your products ?

Only non GMO natural and organic plant oils and butters. 

Do handmade soap last?

Handmade soaps can last a long time. Our soaps are cured anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. The longer a handmade soap cures the harder the bar and longer it last. Keep your handmade soap in a well drained dish to enjoy them longer.

What type of candle wax is used for your candles?

100% soy wax, that's domestically grown. Besides supporting our American Farmers, soy wax is natural and renewable, it's cleaner, meaning it's non toxic, no carbon sot in the air you breathe and it's longer burning. 

What type of wicks is used? 

We use a lead and zinc free braided core-less cotton wicks that works well with natural waxes for an even burn. 

Scented with pure essential oils and / or phthalate-free fragrances.