Strawberries + Cream Soap
Strawberries + Cream Soap

Strawberries + Cream Soap

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What better way to achieve flawless skin but with our STRAWBERRIES + CREAM SOAP. Handcrafted with premium natural plant oils, the finest fresh ingredients and lots of love.

Our Strawberries + Cream moisturizing body bar has a succulent blend of fresh juicy strawberries* and creamy coconut milk* to nourish and revitalize your skin.



STRAWBERRIES* - Rich in vitamins, nutrients, and a high content
of alpha-hydroxy acids to help slough off dead skin cells increasing
natural skin renewal.

COCONUT MILK* - Combats dryness, improves skin elasticity, great
moisturizer and promotes healthy glowing skin.

COCONUT OIL*, VIRGIN - Contains a lot of fatty acids which
provides deep moisture and hydration to dull skin. Provides big
bubbles in soap.

SHEA BUTTER** - Nourishing and moisturizing.

COCOA BUTTER - Soothing emollient.

OLIVE OIL - Hydrating and helps restore skin smoothness.

*Certified Organic
**Greener Life Certified Organic African Raw Shea Butter.

**Each batch is created equal and with any handmade item they can differ from each other. Please allow some variances in size, shape, and color **

In order to extend the life of your natural handmade soaps keep it dry between uses.