Lavender Body Polish
Lavender Body Polish

Lavender Body Polish

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Lavender Body Polish

All natural exfoliating body scrub with nourishing sea salt, brazilian clay and citrus peel to buff away dry, dull skin. And skin loving organic coconut oil and mango butter infused with crushed fragrant lavender delicately moisturizes, revealing soft, smooth glowing skin.

Key Ingredients

♡ Mediterranean Sea Salt

♡ Brazilian Clay 

♡ Lavender* 

♡ Lemon Peel*

♡ Coconut Oil*

♡ Mango Butter 

♡ Grapeseed Oil

♡ Sunflower Oil


12 oz | glass jar 

To Use

Scoop a handful of the scrub. Rub vigorously on your body for at least a minute. Rinse off thoroughly. Use caution entering and exiting showers and bath tubs. Ingredients used can make surfaces slippery. It's recommended to clean the area directly after use.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.