Hydrating Body Oil No. 4

Hydrating Body Oil No. 4

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Enhanced with aromatic sweet Organic Lavender Flower and pure Lavender Essential Oil, this luxurious blend has a light consistency, is easily absorbed by the skin and restorative of body, mind and spirit. Our body oil is to be used whenever a little pampering is needed.

Hydrating Body Oil No. 4 a fabulously fragrant and unmistakable tranquil floral and herbaceous aroma skin smoothing natural body oil that relaxes, soothes and calms. Our deeply soothing, fast-absorbing aromatherapy blend rich in fresh, natural plant oils, as Rice Bran and Avocado. A special blend of healthy skin-loving oils will smoothly glide over the surface of the skin while it nourishes, replenishes and moisturizes the skin.

Hand-poured in a clear glass bottle with dropper. Recycle, repurpose or reuse glass bottle after product life. 





🌿 100% All Natural
🌿 Made With Raw Natural / Organic Ingredients
🌿 Vegan / Vegetarian Friendly
🌿 Handcrafted
🌿 Synthetic Fragrance Free
🌿 GMO Free
🌿 Paraben Free
🌿 Phthalate Free






Our artisan handcrafted bath & products are made using the highest quality ingredients, to restore, balance, maintain. Keeping your skin healthy without unnecessary and harsh chemicals from your daily skincare routines.





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