Hydrating Body Oil No. 4

Hydrating Body Oil No. 4

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HYDRATING BODY OIL NO. 4 is a fabulously fragrant all natural body oil. Enhanced with aromatic sweet organic lavender flowers and pure lavender essential oil, that give a unmistakable tranquil, floral and herbaceous aroma that relaxes, soothes and calms body, mind and spirit. 

This luxurious blend of deeply soothing, fast-absorbing and healthy skin-loving plant oils will smoothly glide over the surface of the skin while it nourishes, replenishes and softens dry skin. 

Our lavender infused body oil can be used whenever a little pampering is needed, as a massage, bath or body oil. It's vegan friendly, cruelty free and phthalate free. Handcrafted with the highest quality raw ingredients in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. 



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No. 4 (Lavender) - An unmistakable sweet lavender flower, floral and herbal aroma that relaxes, soothes and calms.



Hand poured in eco-friendly 4 oz glass bottles with dropper.


External Use Only. Apply desired amount and massage into skin to moisturize. Apply as needed. Add a few drops to your bath water for a luxurious skin nourishing soak. For best result use after bath or showering to seal in moisture. CAUTION: Use caution using this product, use caution entering and exiting shower stalls and bath tubs as ingredients used can make surfaces slippery. 



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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.