Blue Sky Coconut Milk Soap

Blue Sky Coconut Milk Soap

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Blue Sky Coconut Milk Soap is a dreamy bar of coconut deliciousness, crafted with premium organic unrefined virgin coconut oil and organic coconut milk goodness. And with a fragrant creamy lime and coconut gently lather that caresses your skin, smells like summer on a tropical beach!

This creamy organic plant based vegan soap is carefully crafted, mild and gentle with superior moisturizing and emollient qualities that leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and deliciously moisturized.


Fresh, tart citrus, lime with creamy coconut


Light to Medium, citrus essential oils blend



🌿 Organic Coconut Milk high in vitamin c and rich in copper aiding to prevent wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin, helping to maintain elasticity and flexibility of skin. 

🌿 Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil absorbs quickly creating a protective barrier on the skin making it an excellent skin moisturizer and softener.



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