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Blue Sky Coconut Milk Soap
Blue Sky Coconut Milk Soap

Blue Sky Coconut Milk Soap

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Blue Sky Coconut Milk Soap is a natural bar of creamy skin softening and conditioning coconut. Made with Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Milk, and a blend of lime and citrus essential oils creating a fragrant creamy gentle lather that caresses your skin, softening and moisturizing without striping away your natural oils.  

This cold process soap is carefully crafted to be mild and gentle with superior moisturizing and emollient qualities that leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and deliciously moisturized.


Ingredient Highlights

🌿 Organic Coconut Milk high in vitamin c and rich in copper aiding to prevent wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin, helping to maintain elasticity and flexibility of skin. 

🌿 Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil absorbs quickly creating a protective barrier on the skin making it an excellent skin moisturizer and softener.






^^Our artisan soaps are handmade with natural and organic plant based oils and butters. Made in small batches maintaining freshness, quality and effectiveness. Crafted by hand and cut by hand each soap is uniquely different which results in variances in appearance and size. Each bar weighs approximately 4.5oz, wrapped in a cigar band style label listing soap name and ingredients.


^^ To extend the life of your soaps, place bar on a well-draining soap dish where it will completely air dry between uses. Never let bar sit in water or prolonged direct streams of water when not in use. With this care you will be able to enjoy your lovely handmade soaps as long as possible.

^^ Sugalush Natural Skincare hand-crafted artisan products are created using natural and organic ingredients to restore, balance, maintain and keep your skin healthy. And made for those looking to eliminate unnecessary and harsh chemicals from their daily skincare routines.