Babassu Butter Whip

Babassu Butter Whip

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Tame your mane with Babassu Butter Whip. A decadent all natural styling hair butter. Skillfully crafted with premium natural plant oils and butters for maximum hydration, softening and conditioning of dry thirsty locs and skin.


Essential Ingredients

🌿 Babassu Butter - contains vitamins, and minerals that help soften, aids with moisture, restore hair strength and elasticity, nourishing hair making it supple. Emollient and contains anti-inflammatory properties lending to skin protection and healing.

🌿 Oat Butter - rich in antioxidants, tocopherols and essential fatty acids, penetrates skin rapidly. Exceptionally emollient, soothing to sensitive and damaged skin and scalp. Supports the elasticity of hair and skin.

🌿 Shea Butter* - unrefined raw Organic Shea Butter is concentrated with natural vitamins and fatty acids making it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing.

🌿 Cocoa Butter* - naturally rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin e, deeply moisturizes, softens, heal and protects skin and hair. Excellent for healthy happy hair and scalp. Makes hair shiny, softer, and easier to manage.

🌿 Moroccan Argan Oil - high in vitamin e and essential fatty acid content. Non greasy and non irritating making it wonderful natural moisturizer and easily absorbed by hair, skin and nails suitable for all skin types. 

🌿 Avocado Oil - vitamin and mineral rich, promoting healthy hair and skin.




For use on hair: Apply to wet, damp or dry hair. Apply a small amount of Babassu Hairdo Butter Whip at roots to ends of hair. Gently massage into scalp. Great to smooth and seal ends.

For use on skin: To encourage lasting moisture, after showering or bathing apply a desired amount to the skin, gently massaging until completely absorbed. Remember just a dab goes a long way, enjoy!


🌿 Vegan ❤️ No synthetics, sulfates, petrochemicals, or parabens


Notes: (1) This product is whipped and settling may occur. If softening or melting occurs, simply place in a cool dry place until it re-hardens. This does not affect the quality of the product.(3) Shipping in warm weather, softening or melting may occur during transit, simply place in a cool dry place until it re-hardens. This does not affect the quality of the product. *certified organic


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailments.