Meet The Maker


I'm Marlin the creator and artisan behind Suga Lush Natural Skincare. A day at the beach, sun and sand, outdoors, reading, watching old movies, listening to music, gardening, making candles, soaping and making skincare products is what I love to do.

Suga Lush began out of the sheer love of being able to turn fresh and simple natural ingredients into skincare products right from my kitchen. My handcrafted creations had my families and my very sensitive skin feeling good, looking great and smelled awesome without a bunch of unnecessary chemicals added into them. And our skin is happier and healthier for it.

When I was little I would watch my mother make lovely hand milled soaps and wrapped them with pretty ribbons and papers. And my grandmother crafted natural handmade soaps using all techniques of soap making, that the whole family would use. She was a master soap maker, and they both passed on the love of soap making to me. So I guess you can say soap making is in my blood. 

And on my natural journey to keep my family and myself as healthy and chemical free as I possibly can. I have always maintained a garden just steps away from my kitchen, and it has allowed me to source some of these ingredients into my soaps and body care creations.

Suga Lush Natural Skincare products are naturally made by hand with lots of joy and love, using nature's wholesome natural organic ingredients.

I want to thank you for stopping by. And I hope you enjoy my handmade creations as mush as I enjoy making them.  

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healthy skin is happy skin,
xo Marlin