What a good way to enjoy your bath time. Toss in one of our effervescent fizzing bath bombs or bubbling bath bombs for a relaxing bathing treat!

Formulated with your skin in mind, the ingredients are safe, non toxic and gentle on your skin. The ingredients used in the bath bombs work to soften water

And nothing say bath time fun like our bubble bath. And fragrant massive bubbles are yours with our bubble bath bars and bubble bath scoops enriched with organic virgin coconut and castor oils, in a variety of scents, shapes and colors.

Formulated with vegetable and plant derived bubble making ingredients that are gentle, mild, skin safe and non toxic, that are derived from coconut and palm oils. Giving you massive bubbles without drying out your skin.

Crumble one of these under running warm water as you fill the tub to reveal heaps of fluffy, fragrant bubbles for a luxurious enjoyable and inviting bath.


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